Classical Cappadocia Tours

Ihlara valley and Underground city Kaymaklı
We descend into the centre of the earth in the underground city of Kaymakli, one the largest and the deepest of the 40 others in Cappadocia; walking in Ihlara Canyon, a "mirage" in the Steps of Anatolia up to Belisirma village, the ancient Peristrema: "Valley of the Sky" along the Melendiz River. Rock-cut churches, spread across a wild plantation, surprise you with their successfully painted representations from the Bible. We have lunch in Belisirma at a local restaurant by the river. Visit the Caravanserai of Agzikarahan, a very fine example of the Turkish Seljuk art, built in early 13th century on the legendary Silk Road for the accommodation of the traders and their camels. 

An Open Air Museum in a wild natural setting near a typical Cappadocian village with its different style rock-cut churches with their unique frescoes. Spectacular "table top" mountains surround the village in the valley. Goreme was known, in the ancient times, as Korama. The first references to it are in the early 7th c Acts of St Hieron, a 3rd C. saint who was a native of Matianoi, or the modern Maccan. Goreme is an amphitheatre of ample portions surrounded by steep cliffs leading to a pleasant, verdant valley, which puzzles every single visitor, by the interesting access to many of the caves. The place we refer as the Goreme Open Air Museum is located in a small part of the whole valley, and right next door to the modern village of Goreme. It must have been such a convenient place to dwell that Goreme acted as one of the most important monastic settlements in the early Christian ages.