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All tour activitiy are organized by the YAMA TOUR license 2181
Hiking Tours
The Red and rose Valley The Red Valley is one of the most spectacular valleys of Cappadocia with its different kinds of rock formations in varied colors. The hidden rock-cut churches in the valley surprise the visitors. The hike ends at Cavusin village.7 km. The White Valley The White Valle
The Other Activities
Flying over Cappadocia with a balloon You will enjoy wonderful memories if you decide to fly over Cappadocia. The fares are still high but it is lower than the pleasure you will feel as soon as you will take off. You will discover an amazing scenery flying over the valleys. You will take off at the
Classical Cappadocia Tours
Ihlara valley and Underground city Kaymaklı We descend into the centre of the earth in the underground city of Kaymakli, one the largest and the deepest of the 40 others in Cappadocia; walking in Ihlara Canyon, a "mirage" in the Steps of Anatolia up to Belisirma village, the ancient Peri
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